LBF: The Show

It wouldn’t be LBF without lots of famous faces. Unfortunately other commitments kept me away from the opening day, so I missed out what the International Authors Forum and LBF had designated as International Sir Terry Pratchett Day, to mark his phenomenal global success. Authors around the world will be asked to vote for their favourite Terry Pratchett character. Where do you start?

This year seemed at times to be somewhat quieter than 2013, but only the final stats will tell. It was great to see friends back again and to make new ones amid the rush and hubbub of the event. Katrine Konar from the Swedish publisher Fill & Tell paid a return visit to promote her wonderful memory books (all now available here) including dogs, horses and weddings as well as grandchildren and, of course, babies. I shouldn’t forget my favourite Fill & Tell character Låba, though sadly he’s not yet in translation.

Louise Jordan of the London based Writers’ Advice Centre, who kept me well supplied with bagels and chocolates, introduced her latest publishing venture Wacky Bee. This will see a range of children’s books offering light, pacey character-driven humorous stories but especially attention-grabbers. Check out her new site Wacky Bee for more info. Check back here for updates.

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