Recent reads to clear the backlog

Having now amalgamated bags of books I wanted to read with the shelf in my study entitled READ THIS LOT NEXT, I’m rather overwhelmed by just how much reading I’ve got to get through. There’s no official deadline only time but, despite an attempt to read every day for at least an hour, it’s going to take eons. However, over the last couple of months I’ve managed to get through three books:

J S Monroe Find Me – Before They Do (Head of Zeus). A new thriller and a quite engaging one ( if there’s such a thing as a thriller that isn’t engaging) which was given to me at the London Book Fair 2017, so I’m not too far behind on that one. The author, new to me, seems to have adopted the now familiar dotting back and forth between last year, next year, this year and yesteryear. Star rating 3.

Ian Rankin Rather Be the Devil (Orion). Rankin is, in my view, always a good read despite getting bogged down in police procedure (but then that’s his forte). It’s only my third Rankin book but even though his chief protagonist (and antagonist according to his colleagues) Rebus is retired, he still has great grip on the case. Star rating 5.

Andrea Di Robilant A Venetian Affair (Harper). Based on a stash of letters discovered in an old case, the story is one of intrigue and unfulfilled love stretching from the canals of Venice to the lush mansions of London via the less salubrious parts of Paris. Not my type of story at all, but the Venice connection provided the important key. Star rating 4 (if only for the interweaving of the facts with the fiction).

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  1. The Veneitan Affair sounds interesting. I might have to add that to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing.